Econo X-Stand - 24" x 64"


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Folding graphite X-stand. Designed for a banner with grommets in each corner. Ideal for tradeshow or retail advertising. Comes with a nylon carrying bag.

This X-stand is our least expensive banner stand option. We name it an X-stand because when set up, the frame is in the shape of the letter "X". This stand is extremely light weight and simple to set up. There are 4 fiberglass poles that reach from a center hub to the 4 corners of the banner and hook through grommets to hold the banner tight and flat under tension. The tips on the bottom two poles sit on the ground and a rear folding leg balances the banner like a tripod.
X-stand X-stand
The graphics are normally printed on a low cost scrim vinyl but we can also use a high quality print film for a smooth, non-curling, high resolution graphic. Other materials are available on request.

Note: this unit also comes in a 28" x 72" size .