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General Properties of Coroplast Plastic Sheets

The name Coroplast™ applies to a wide range of extruded twinwall plastic sheet products base on a high impact polypropylene copolymer.

Coroplast™ is a high-quality polypropylene twinwall profile sheet formulated specifically for use in the screen printing, display and packaging markets.

Coroplast™ uses a copolymer resin in order to increase impact and low temperature performance. Copolymer resins are also used because the retain the ability to be flexed an unlimited number of times without breaking. We call this unique ability "a living hinge".

Chemically, the sheet is inert, with a NIL pH factor. At regular temperatures most oils, solvents and water have no effect, allowing it to perform under adverse weather conditions or as a product component exposed to harsh chemicals.

All Coroplast™ twinwall profile sheets can be modified with additives, which are meltblended into the sheet to meet the specific needs of the customer. Needs that require additives include: ultra violet protection, anti-static, flame retardancy, and color.

Coroplast™ products are offered in a wide range of standard, opaque and translucent colors.

Our address: Bay #106, 3863 – 54th Ave NE, Calgary, AB, T3J 3W5
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