FTP Server Information

Files may be sent directly via email, simply include the file as an attachment. For large files, please use the FTP sites noted below. We can accept just about any kind of file format (.ai, .doc, .pdf, .gif, .jpg, .tif, .eps, .psd, .cdr etc.).

We recommend you use one of the public FTP services such as WeTransfer: (up to 2GB per file). You just enter our email as the receiver (i.e. production@precolour.com).

If you have a Google drive account you can click here to add our Google drive to yours and copy files to it (no file size limit):
Google Drive

You can also use our Box.com account (250MB file size limit): On the Box.com site, use password Design and then click on the blue login button:

File Preparation Tips:
Preparing Files for Print

Graphic Preparation Tips:
Getting Gorgeous Graphics