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Our Services

Graphic Design

We provide graphic design services that vary depending on your needs. From creating designs from scratch, to adding the final touches to something that is already designed. Just let us know what you need, and we will do our best to provide it.

The graphic design and outside installion rate are $125/hr, in half hour increments.

Sign Installations & Repair

We can install or repair most types of signs.


We have a variety of laminates available. Hot laminates can seal the print to add extra protection against things like water. The max Cold laminates can be applied to most things of any thickness. They can add surface protection, as well as different types of shinyness. Cold laminate can be used on most thicknesses of material.

Cold laminate types: Gloss, Matte, Crystal, Dry Erase, Satin, UV Protection, Luster, Anti-Graffiti

Canvas Stretch Mount

Stretch Mounting

Canvas and fabrics can be stretched and mounted to wooden frames of various sizes. The image can then be hung on the wall as is, given a coloured border, or it can even be framed.


The edges of fabric material can be sewn or taped over to create a more durable and professional looking edge. This helps prevent the edges on outdoor banners from fraying.



Grommets can be applied to banners to create reinforced holes for hanging. They come in various sizes and colours.


We can do high quality scans up to 12" x 17". We can also do regular scans up to 40" x 96". We can then either print the images, burn them onto a CD or DVD, or place them on a USB stick.